Explore the Wonders of Pokemon Locations in India

pokemon locations in india

Pokestops and Gyms are everywhere and what better way to learn about Pokemon locations in India than to explore this wonderland in the actual areas. The possibilities are endless, from Delhi to Chennai you can discover every possible Pokemon location.

India is known for its ancient history. The Mughal Empire started in India and the glory of the empire was defined by their unmatchable military technology and their creativity. The Mughals would capture legendary figures from across the world or bring them back from other places like China and show them to the ruling class in India.

The Mughals were able to draw vast land from across the Middle East and other countries to make the sprawling empire. It covered almost all of India and it made some land available for agriculture. The Mughals were well connected to many parts of the world and as a result they were able to influence the development of various places in India.

However, the Mughal Empire fell apart and there was war and subsequent breakup of India. It took several years to unite India again and the extent of Mughal influence on Indian culture was not nearly as great as in the past.

There was a lot of fighting between Indians and Afghans, during this time several cities like Calcutta and Karachi were constructed. However, most of the Mughal places have been demolished in modern times.

So, as you can see there are plenty of Pokemon locations around India. Take the Bangalore as an example.

Bangalore is the hub of the IT industry in India. Now Bangalore is home to several information technology and healthcare centres, but the old city where the IT industry flourished is also a major tourist destination.

When you get to Bangalore, you will see that this is a city with a rich cultural heritage. There are a number of temples and mosques in Bangalore, all adorned by different cultures and themes. It is a wonderland of historical buildings and paintings.

Bangalore is also a city with many cultural centres. Apart from the famous Jyothipala Nallamallama temple which was built around the 16th century, there are many smaller temples and mosques around the city.

Another great Pokemon location in Bangalore is the Ismail Towers, a series of towers which were erected in 1901. Each of the three towers has an observation deck on top of it, which give visitors a chance to see the entire city from above.

Pokestops and Gyms are a great attraction to explore in India. As a tourist, there is no better place to see India.

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