Understanding the Flixxo Elite Plus Heating Issue

The Flixxo Elite Plus heating issue has generated an alarming surge in the demand for residential boilers. Even with the best condition and expert service, this heating system requires some special care.

What exactly is a hydronic type of heating system? A hydronic type heating system uses a combination of a heating element and a regulating valve. Once the valve has been opened, the heat begins to circulate throughout the boiler.

As the water temperature increases and the water enter the burner, the boiling point of the water drops, which causes the water to boil and burn. A normal type of heating system, such as the Element sets off an automatic shutoff device at a particular temperature, thereby shutting down the heating system at that point.

When the Flixxo Elite Plus boiler was manufactured, a slight malfunction occurred, where the thermostat circuitry had a loose wire. That is a common problem in all heating systems, but the line was specifically designed to replace that kind of wire. We had a genuine repairman who inspected the element and discovered the problem.

We contacted our installer and within two days, the owner of the system contacted us to schedule a delivery of the Flixxo Elite Plus system. After having it installed, we noticed an immediate difference in the quality of our air in our homes.

One of the best features about this heating system is the "air quality" indicator which tells you at a glance if your home is well-ventilated or not. When it's off, you will notice the air is less dense and more moist, making for an unpleasant atmosphere inside your home. Conversely, when the indicator is on, you will notice a clean, crisp, refined air.

It is important to remember that a system that does not produce white smoke should be avoided. The general rule of thumb is that it should have more than ten times the amount of power as the average household furnace. Your refrigerator will not have the same heat output and will waste energy trying to maintain the same temperature.

Of course, the biggest problem is if your house is not in excellent condition and is not properly maintained. Unfortunately, there are no fire codes in many areas, so the consequences are relatively little when it comes to operating your system. The only way to keep it from working properly is to keep your home properly heated and ventilated.

If you are planning to purchase this system, you must consider the steps you should take to keep it in pristine condition. A properly maintained heating system will last longer, and be less expensive to operate. You must also be aware of the dangers of installing this type of heating system.

We have all heard about the potential risks of electric loss, and this may be true, but that is not the end of the story. This is not the time to start worrying about the heating system, but instead it is the time to clean the unit and make sure it is functioning properly.

Please be advised, that the cost of this heating system is considerably lower than the family's health. Your satisfaction and overall peace of mind will depend on how well you maintain it. Make sure that you know what you are doing before you install it.

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